Autokit APK
Date: 2021-11-26

Update date: 2021-11-23
Software version: 2021.11.23.1333 

  • Fixed some known issues.

Update date: 2021-11-17
Software version: 2021.11.17.2034 

  • Fix the problem that some machines restart without sound.

Update date: 2021-09-09
Software version: 2021.08.31.1441 

  • You can modify the resolution and fix some other known problems.

Update date: 2021-06-02
Software version: 2021.06.01.0952  

  • Fixed some known issues.

Update date: 2021-01-08
Software version: 2021.01.08.1651 

  • Solve the black screen problem of some vehicles.
    Solve the problem that there is no sound in the navigation.

Autokit is the exclusive software of CarlinKit Carplay Dongle!

Easy to use and upgrade!

1, On the car system, go to setting and check the system version.The Android syetem is higher than 4.4 and you can use the product.

2, Download Autokit.apk and install successfully on the car system desktop.

3, Insert the wireless product into the USB port of the car, and wait for the Autokit.apk to search for the product's Bluetooth. Then iPhone Bluetooth search and select the product's Bluetooth.

4, After completing the connection, you can use CarPlay.

5, Click Autokit.apk, click settings, you can upgrade to the lastest version.